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HY01AG01-6.8C MED
Self contained Air Breathing Apparatus HY01AG01-6.8C MED


With through a long exploration and proven tradition of understanding the specific requirements of the personal protection respirator markets; HYSTEC offers the range of high quality products which designs to address all of users concerns and specific  concentrates on producing the durable,dependable Self Contained Breathing Apparatus to fulfill the multiple fields needs, as well as to offer users ease of use, comfort and low through life costs with the products be approved related standards.


Approved to MED 96/98/EC EN137-2006 / EN14954-2005 and EC certified according to Article 10 of 89/686/EEC PPE Directive(s). As the advanced air breathing apparatus be applied to firefighting, rescue, oil/gas industry etc., for the complex performance. t-Tek is be designed with durability and dependability and available for the multiple accessories to offer an appropriate product for the actual needs. HYSTEC incorporated end-user feedback in every step of the design process to deliver to the fire service the next platform of t-TEK SCBA.