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EEBD emergency escape device is equipped with cylinder pressure gauge and it always shows the cylinder pressure. Helmet or mask of the emergency escape breathing device is equipped with a exhalation valve, which can discharge the gas exhaled from users out of the protection cover, as the gas pressure inside the emergency escape breathing device is bigger than atmospheric pressure outside, so the atmospheric gas can not enter the protective cover, achieving the respiratory protection purposes. The emergency escape breathing device has the advantage of small volume and it can be carried by the staff and does not affect ttheir normal activities.


1. Escape breathing device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient and simple operation, it's portable and canbe used over the shoulder or hung on the neck,it's suitable for all types of users
2. Emergency escape respirator can provide a constant flow of air
3. Check the numerical pressure gauge monthly and it must be checked or inflated if the pressure in the cylindersis is lower than 95% of the rated working pressure
4. The gas pressure in the bottle will decrease with the temperature decreasing after the bottle cooling ,you need to supply the gas once again after gas cooling in order to meet the 20MPA working pressure


Emergency escape breathing device is composited by the compressed air bottle, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, gas conduit, head cover, backpack etc., it can provide over 10 or 15 minutes constant flow of gas. Equipped with an anti-flame hood which can cover the head, neck and shoulder and there is a clear, spacious and bright observation window on the hood.


Open the emission band,the pulling rod will be shifted under the spring force. Push the control body to do the corresponding movement. At this time, the valve will open, the compressed air is flowed into the mask for wearers to use through pressure relief and filtration by the water sealing cap (Quantitative hole) into the filter, the medium pressure pipe and the oronasal mask.


Environment of protection
Smoke, hypoxia and the polluted atmospheric environment such as toxic gas, smoke fog, steam and so on
It should be in the atmospheric environment with the ambient temperature of between -30~60 ,relative humidity of between ~60 0~100% and the atmospheric pressure of between 0.7bar~1.25bar